Water Thrifty Goleta Water District Customers Saved Big in July

In spite of hot summer weather, water thrifty Goleta Water District customers collectively achieved 34% savings in July 2015 compared to July 2014. This was only 1% off from the targeted 35% reduction the District is seeking under Stage III.  After four years of severe drought, significant water conservation is needed to ensure ongoing adequate supplies of water for drinking, health and public safety.  Keep up the good work!

  • Usage by landscape irrigation customers was down 32%! This reflects significant reductions by parks, golf courses, commercial and mixed use offices, parking lots, streets and rest homes.
  • Single family residential users reduced 25%, and the use for residential users stayed at 50 gallons per-person per day in July, among the lowest in the State.  District residential customers remain the most efficient on the South Coast.
  • Commercial customers reduced 14%, mainly due to big reductions by schools.
  • Multi-family residential customers increased their savings slightly to 14%.
  • Agricultural customers on the Goleta west conduit reduced 11%.
  • Urban agricultural customers increased water use by 2%.

The Goleta Valley depends on all of us doing our part.  Let’s all save water together!

Need Help Conserving More?

The District has a variety of rebate programs to help customers reduce water use.

Smart Landscape Rebate Program

The Smart Landscape Rebate Program (SLRP) provides incentives to residential and commercial customers to replace water thirsty landscapes and inefficient irrigation with water-wise plants and irrigation, including Laundry-to-Landscape graywater systems.  The program is for residential and commercial customers and covers a portion of the cost of pre-approved design, irrigation equipment, and landscape materials.  Projects must be approved in advance and landscapes for new construction are not eligible.  The program is not retroactive. Sales receipts and/or contractor invoices are required for all rebates.

For more information call the District at 805-964-6761 ext. 642 or send an email to conservation@goletawater.com.

Water Saving Incentive Program

The Water Saving Incentive Program (WSIP) allows commercial, agricultural, landscape irrigation and multi-family customers to improve water use efficiency by providing rebates for installation of specific water saving materials or processes, or even propose a custom water saving projects.  By conserving water, these projects encourage efficient use of water resources and improve water supply reliability.

For more information call the District at 805-964-6761 ext. 642 or send an email to conservation@goletawater.com.

Reduce Outdoor Watering to Realize Significant Savings

Removing turf or letting it go gold is one of the easiest ways to significantly reduce your water consumption, and is an eligible expense under both the SLRP and WSIP rebates.  Consider eliminating or sharply reducing the size of your lawn.  While the District does not currently prohibit lawns, more severe restrictions banning the use of outdoor sprinklers may be necessary as the drought continues.  Consider mulching over your lawn, and save water and money.

For more information on the drought, click here for the Summer 2015 Newsletter.