Tennis Courts to Shelter Tarps: Going Green Goleta

That is exactly what Goleta resident and Santa Barbara County Animal Services Dog Shelter volunteer Rosalie Skefich thought when the Evergreen tennis court was scheduled for renovation.  Skefich knew that the breathable, washable material could be used to screen portions of the exercise yards and fencing at the shelter to help calm the dogs in their kennels and yards.  With Santa Barbara County Animal Services’ support, shelter volunteers measured the areas that needed screening.  Crews from the Los Prietos Boys Camp made several treks to the shelter to wash, measure, cut, and hang the tarps.  Rosalie also solicited the help of CMC Rescue and Awnings of Santa Barbara who donated their time and materials to hem the cleaned tarps and install grommets allowing for easy installation of the repurposed tarps.

It’s great to see a great reuse of the materials to help fill a local need thanks to the creative thinking by one of our residents.