Update on Public Improvements at Hollister & Storke

If you use the intersection of Hollister Avenue and Storke Road, you’ve seen some changes to the traffic pattern and additional equipment on site. In order to keep you apprised of the important construction activities in this area, the City has developed an email/text notification list specific to these projects.  Text GOLETA STORKE to 468311 to subscribe or sign up on our website.  Subscriptions for this list (Storke/Hollister Improvements) and more than 30 other topics can be managed here.

Last week the contractor completed the median removal work on Storke Road.  Work in the coming days will focus on the east side of Storke.  They will be altering the signal median island and widening northbound Storke to create a wider transition lane for vehicles turning right onto northbound Storke.  In addition, modifications to the storm drains will be constructed.  Traffic control will remain in place for the next four weeks while these changes are made.  During the week (Monday-Thursday), crews will be working day and night shifts to shorten the duration of the inconvenience to motorists, cyclists and pedestrians.  On Fridays, crews will only work the day shift.

Once these activities are completed, the signal median island and the traffic signals will need to be modified.  This work will be done during the evening hours to minimize traffic impacts.

Please use Los Carneros or Cathedral Oaks/Hollister in order to reduce the traffic volumes through the construction area.

There are six improvement projects planned for the Storke/Hollister intersection. Some of these improvements are paid for through by the developers through developer fees and others through the Goleta Transportation Improvement Program (GTIP) fees.  You can read more about these projects here. The projects are being sequenced to minimize the public impact and decrease the duration of the construction.

We appreciate your patience as we work to complete these needed improvements.