Why a Permanent City Hall is an Important Part of Goleta’s Future

The City of Goleta is deep into the process of the Civic Center Feasibility Study which will result in a conceptual design for the development of a new City-owned City Hall within a Civic Center. It’s important to understand why the City would be pursuing such an initiative which, on the surface, might seem like a very costly venture. The City currently leases roughly 22,000 square feet of space on Cremona Drive at a cost of nearly $500,000 per year.

From a financial standpoint, the development of a Civic Center would be a more cost effective and better use of taxpayer money in the long run. Similar to home ownership, purchasing a long term asset that can be used by the community for decades is a sensible financial choice and good investment in our community.

The Civic Center Feasibility Study is evaluating the creation of a Civic Center at the current site of the Goleta Valley Community Center. This is a popular location because it would place City Hall in the midst of Old Town where many residents and businesses are located. The current City Hall location is more isolated, in a business park, which makes it more difficult for those without vehicles to access.

The City has offered numerous opportunities for public input on the desired amenities for a Civic Center. These workshops and meetings have provided the basis for several designs which the City Council last reviewed on October 27. The concept plans identify reuse of facilities, building site constraints, and public improvements for a new Civic Center.

More information on the Civic Center Feasibility Study and related renderings can be found here.