Bike, Walk, Carpool — How We Get to Work

City of Goleta employees are doing their part to reduce traffic and the environmental impacts caused by single rider vehicle trips.  Since the City began its Transportation Demand Management (TDM) program in late 2011, a significant number of the City’s workforce has used alternative modes of transportation to get to work.

Though a partnership with Traffic Solutions, the City created a program which allows for flexible work schedules, some telecommuting, using public transportation, biking to work and carpooling.  The City provides bicycles and pool vehicles for employees who don’t drive their cars to work to use during breaks.  Ridesharing through Traffic Solutions’ new app (Carma) and trip reduction incentives are also available.  City employees also receive  bicycle safety training through the Santa Barbara Bicycle Coalition.  The City also hosted several events during Traffic Solutions’ CycleMAYnia.

The program results to date are impressive.  Over 2,884 single-passenger vehicle trips were reduced as a result of the City’s TDM program.  161,605 travel miles were saved.  7,696 gallons of fuel were saved and total emissions were reduced by 149,473 lbs.  Twenty eight of the City’s 50 employees participated in the program by either carpooling, taking the bus, telecommuting, bike riding or walking.  Employees used one of these alternative means an average of 7 days per month with a core group of 15 employees using an alternative method an average of 12 days per month.

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