Crash! Bang! Boom!

You sit up in bed, look at the clock and quickly realize that the power is out. You quietly crawl out of bed and check on your family. Shards of glass cover the kitchen floor. Through the broken window you hear a neighbor screaming. You decide to go outside and see if you can help. Other neighbors join you. Some are in a daze while others are hysterical. One asks for help for her child who is trapped under a fallen shelf. You quickly realize that this is not just a simple power outage…

WHAT DO YOU DO NEXT? WHAT SHOULD YOU DO NEXT? Earthquakes, fires and other disasters can hit a community at any time. Knowing what to do and how to best help is the focus of the Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) training.

CERT training covers topics such as medical operations, light search and rescue, and fire safety. The class typically meets once a week for nine weeks with the training culminating in a final drill and graduation. CERT volunteers are trained to assist victims and organize spontaneous volunteers at disaster sites. CERT members can also help with non-emergency projects that help improve the safety of our community.