Looking for Conference Room Space in Goleta

In 2010, the City’s Redevelopment Agency (RDA) approved a contract for a Hotel/Conference Center Market Study. It was commissioned as an outgrowth of a long-time desire to better understand the City’s hotel and conference center market—particularly with an eye towards an existing vacant property in Old Town. As part of the study, the consultants looked at preferred locations, existing supply and demand, future supply and demand, and impact of a branded versus independent hotel. They also provided input on the type of hotel and amenities that would fare well within our community.

Preliminary results from the study indicate that Goleta hotels are in strong demand with annual occupancy rates consistently in the 70% range which is comparable to the rates seen in Santa Barbara. Goleta hotels also enjoy a relatively diverse consumer base, with about 25% of the guest stays coming from the corporate sector, another 25% from group travel, about 40% from the leisure segment, and a little more than 5% coming from events related to UCSB.

The City Council received a report from staff on the study conclusions. Read more by visiting the City’s website at www.CityofGoleta.org and searching hotel/conference room study.