Save Money Through Energy Rebates!

If you want to increase the energy efficiency of your property and save money, Energy Upgrade California and/or EmPowerSBC may be able to help you.

Energy Upgrade California
This program offers homeowner rebates and incentives of more than $4,000 per home. Energy Upgrade home improvements that qualify for rebates include sealing and insulation, heating and air conditioning upgrades, energy-efficient windows, high-efficiency water heaters and other energy efficiency improvements that are permanent to your house.

The program’s web portal,, provides tools and resources for homeowners to learn how energy efficiency upgrades can improve their homes, view the rebates and incentives and choose and contact a participating contractor.

This program provides a convenient financing option to empower residents and businesses to green their property through energy efficiency, water efficiency or renewable improvements. These improvements can save money, enhance your property, create local jobs and, of course, help the environment…a win-win for you and the community.

EmPower SBC financing is available to all eligible residents of the County and each of the incorporated cities. By voluntarily opting to use emPowerSBC, property owners agree to pay back the financing through a property tax assessment over the course of up to 20 years, meaning the costs associated with your upgrades is attached to your property.

Eligible projects can include repairs such as tankless and solar water heater systems, ventilation improvements, solar lighting and heating and water efficient landscape irrigation systems. For more information, go to Good for the planet, good for your wallet.