Better Safe Than Sorry

Are you doing all you can to keep your family and your home safe? There are some very simple things you can do—small actions you can take—that will actually drive criminals away. When it comes to safety, being proactive results in protection for you and those you love.

• Always lock your doors and windows in your home and your vehicle.
• Place motion sensors on all outside lights.
• Use timed lighting when you’re not at home.
• Keep bushes trimmed low and far from windows so potential burglars cannot conceal themselves.
• Make sure neighbors know when you’re going to be gone on vacation, who’s going to be at your house while you are gone and what vehicles might be parked at your residence during your absence.
• Place a “Vacation Patrol Request” with the Sheriff’s Office when going on vacation. Patrol deputies will then periodically check your house while you’re gone.
• Protect your bag or purse when shopping. Use the safety seat straps to secure the handles of your purse.
• Keep personal data safe. Shred documents with personal information and be sure your wireless network is password protected.
• Know your children’s friends and keep your children safe from online predators. Monitor their email and/or Facebook page.
• Join or start a Neighborhood Watch. It’s a great way to help keep your community safe. (Contact the SB County Sheriff’s Office at 681-4100 for more information).

In addition, to better protect our homes and families, we must get inside the minds of burglars. Learning how they think and what they look for helps us take that proactive approach to safety awareness a step further.

Compiled from convicted burglars, security consultant, Chris McGoey, and Richard T. Wright, author of Burglars on The Job