Green Room: Waste Free Holidays

As the holiday season approaches, the City of Goleta invites residents to celebrate with an eco-friendly spirit, blending festive joy with sustainable practices. This year, let’s make a collective effort to reduce waste, conserve resources, and contribute to a healthier environment. 


Opt for sustainable decor by reusing last year’s items or crafting new ornaments from recycled materials. Consider supporting local artisans or businesses that offer eco-friendly holiday decorations. When the season ends, store decorations for reuse in the coming years. 


Choose thoughtful, eco-conscious gifts over material excess. Consider experiences, subscriptions, or handmade items. If purchasing, buy from local and sustainable businesses. Wrap gifts in reusable materials like fabric or recycled paper. Remember, the sentiment behind the gift matters most. 

Instead of traditional wrapping paper, consider using reusable gift bags or cloth. Support organizations and charities with a focus on sustainability. Many local initiatives provide opportunities to give back, ensuring your generosity extends beyond the holiday season. 


Plan your holiday meals carefully to minimize food waste. Buy local, seasonal produce. Encourage guests to bring reusable containers for leftovers, and compost food scraps. Goleta’s composting programs can help turn kitchen waste into nutrient-rich soil. Dispose of food scraps in your trash bin for sorting at the Resource Center. 


Illuminate your home with energy-efficient LED lights. Use a timer to reduce electricity consumption and consider solar-powered decorations for outdoor displays. Goleta promotes energy conservation to enhance the holiday glow without compromising the environment. 

Stay Informed: 

Stay informed about Goleta’s recycling programs. Separate recyclables from trash and compost organic waste. Dispose of electronic waste through designated channels, preventing harmful materials from entering landfills. 

By adopting these practices, we can collectively make a positive impact on our community and the planet. The City of Goleta wishes everyone a joyous and environmentally conscious holiday season! 

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