Green Room: Waste Free Halloween

Halloween is a time for tricks, treats, and spooky fun. It’s also a season that can generate a significant amount of waste. From disposable costumes to individually wrapped candies, the environmental footprint of Halloween can be quite scary. This year, consider taking a more sustainable approach to your Halloween festivities by reducing waste and embracing eco-friendly practices.


One of the most exciting aspects of Halloween is choosing a costume. Unfortunately, store-bought costumes often end up as one-time-use items. Instead, think outside the box and visit thrift and secondhand shops. These stores offer a treasure trove of clothing items and accessories that can be creatively combined to craft unique costumes. By opting for pre-loved items, you not only reduce waste but also save money.

A costume swap can be a fantastic way to reduce waste and share costume ideas with friends and family. Take it a step further by challenging participants to create costumes inspired by what’s already in their closets. It’s a fun and sustainable way to encourage creativity while reusing existing clothing.

After Halloween, many people simply toss their old costumes in the trash. Instead, consider donating gently used costumes to local thrift stores in Goleta. Your donation can provide others with affordable costume options and extend the life of these festive garments.


Halloween and candy go hand in hand, but those individually wrapped candies can contribute to plastic waste. This year, opt for plastic-free treats. Buy candy in bulk and distribute it in individual paper bags. Alternatively, think beyond candy and consider handing out fun coins, novelty items, fresh fruit, or canned drinks as alternative treats.

Encourage trick-or-treaters to use reusable bags or containers instead of disposable plastic ones. A simple backpack, a washed pillowcase, or any reusable container can make for a more eco-friendly candy-collecting adventure. It’s a small change that can significantly reduce single-use plastic waste.


When decorating your home or yard, consider going plastic-free. Embrace the beauty of natural decorations like pumpkins, gourds, leaves, and branches. These elements not only create an inviting and festive atmosphere but are also biodegradable. Get crafty and make your Halloween decor for a personal touch that’s eco-friendly.

After Halloween, your jack-o’-lantern doesn’t have to meet a grim fate in the trash. Roast the pumpkin seeds for a tasty snack and compost the rest. This eco-friendly approach not only reduces waste but also contributes valuable nutrients to your garden.

Share Your Ideas!

Finally, share your waste-reducing Halloween tips and tricks with others. Whether it’s through social media, conversations with friends and neighbors, or participating in community events, your ideas can inspire others to celebrate Halloween in an environmentally responsible way.

This Halloween let’s make a collective effort to reduce waste and promote sustainability. By choosing eco-friendly costume options, distributing plastic-free treats, and embracing reusable bags and decorations, you can enjoy a spooktacular holiday that’s good for both the planet and your community. Remember, Halloween can be both fun and eco-conscious with a little creativity and thoughtfulness.