Boys & Girls Club Members Receive Gold Cards

Members Recognized by Goleta City Council for Outstanding Attendance Record at Goleta Club

More than seventy United Goleta Boys & Girls Club of Santa Barbara County members and their families packed the Goleta City Council Chambers on November 7, 2023, for a special ceremony. The Mayor and Goleta Councilmembers took turns reading the names of 73 club members ages K – 12th grade who were recognized for their outstanding attendance record at the Goleta Club location at 5701 Hollister Avenue in Old Town. Applause erupted as each name was announced and photos were taken. In addition to receiving a Certificate of Recognition from the City, the students received a prestigious Gold Card acknowledging 105 days or more in the program this year.

While it is a tradition for the Gold Cards to be distributed yearly at the Goleta Council meeting, this year had the highest number of Gold Cards handed out by the City!

“The City looks forward to the Gold Card Distribution Ceremony every year,” said Mayor Paula Perotte. “It was wonderful to see the largest number of Boys & Girls Club recipients yet at City Hall, and we are very proud to have celebrated this amazing accomplishment with the students and their loved ones.”

“I want to thank the City of Goleta for giving this recognition to our kids,” said Michael Baker, CEO of the United Boys & Girls Club of Santa Barbara County. “Over 50 years of studies and data have proven that the magic number, 105 days of attendance, makes Boys and Girls Club members twice as likely to graduate high school on time and twice as likely to lead a healthy lifestyle.”

Besides the sense of accomplishment the students get from reaching this milestone, the Gold Card holders also receive special privileges at the club including choice of the day for sport, special line privileges, and even being “staff for the day” among others.

The Gold Card Distribution Ceremony is a special moment for the City each year. If you would like to see why, we encourage you to watch a recording of the presentation on the City website here.

Congratulations to all the deserving Gold Card recipients, Goleta is proud of you!

Group photo of the recipients with their certificates, along with the Goleta City Council and staff from the United Goleta Boys & Girls Club of Santa Barbara County.