Participate in Goleta EZ Bike Demo Days in September and October

Electric bikes make it easier to include biking as part of your everyday life; they are fun to ride, they get you where you are going quickly and sweat-free (no special clothes!), you get easy and free parking, and they are a great way to fight climate change by reducing traffic and pollution.

Goleta Valley residents and employers are invited to take advantage of Goleta EZ Bike Demo Days in September and October, featuring special e-bike activities and free 5 day-loans from the EZ Bike Project. The EZ Bike Project, (a program of SBCAG Traffic Solutions), normally operates in downtown Santa Barbara, which makes Goleta EZ Bike Demo Days a unique opportunity for locals to access the activities without having to leave Goleta.

Goleta e-bike demo activities include Variety Hours, 5-Day E-Bike Loans, and Taco Tuesday Demo Rides. And all of them are free!

Can you make an e-bike your daily driver? What about your commute to work or the school drop-off with the kids? Can you take it to the market? EZ Bike will help you answer these questions and more.

Register at or email for more information. The EZ Bike Project is limited to residents and employees in Santa Barbara County ages 14+.

Photo: Trek Verve+ 3 overlooking the Santa Barbara Airport/Goleta Slough courtesy of Steve Miley