Old Town Sidewalk Improvements Project Breaks Ground!

The long-awaited Old Town Sidewalk Improvements Project broke ground on Monday, March 2, 2020. The project is expected to take approximately nine months to complete. A Goleta Old Town Sidewalk Improvements Project Schedule can be found on the project page. The schedule is an estimate and will be updated on the website regularly as construction proceeds.

The color-coded map includes streets, phasing, and approximate schedule. There are three zones of work; areas with one block in each zone under construction at a time. The first three streets will be Orange, Magnolia, and Armitos Avenues.

The City knows long-term projects such as this one can be inconvenient for those that live or visit the area, and we appreciate your patience in advance. Parking in the public right-of-way is available on adjacent streets during construction.

The Old Town Sidewalk Improvements Project has been in the planning and design phase for the last three years and the City of Goleta is excited to finally bring it to construction. The project includes constructing sidewalk on at least one side of each street north of Hollister Avenue between South Fairview Avenue and Mallard Avenue as well as on Pine Avenue south of Hollister Avenue. The new sidewalks will connect to existing sidewalk providing a continuous path of travel. There will also be drainage improvements, tree replacements, repaving, and the construction of 39 back-in angled parking spots on Magnolia Avenue (for a net increase of approximately 17 new parking spots). Watch this video to learn more about the project.

When this project is done, the safety improvements, livability and ability to recreate in Old Town will change dramatically. We are pleased the community will be able to enjoy the improvements for years to come.

To learn more about this project, go to https:tinyurl.com/GoletaOTSW, email sidewalks@cityofgoleta.org, or call the Construction Manager at 805.450.7949.