More Good News for the Goleta Library

Goleta Library

In the October issue of the Monarch Press, we shared with you exciting news about the Goleta Library. New hours began on October 1, and following City Council’s decision for the City of Goleta to take over direct management of the library, the library was accepted into the Black Gold Cooperative Library System (Black Gold) as a new member, effective July 1, 2018. This is an important milestone as it allows the Goleta Library to continue benefiting from Black Gold’s collection materials (books and electronic materials) that are distributed and shared among the member libraries in the region. During the next few months, the City will work closely with Black Gold to coordinate various efforts critical to a smooth transition to a Goleta Municipal Library.

To receive formal affiliation with Black Gold, the City was also required to obtain approval from the California Library Services Board (California State Library). The Board approved Goleta’s request on October 17, 2017, which completes the regulatory process required for formation of the Goleta Municipal Library. In addition, the City is in the process of recruiting for and hiring a Library Director to oversee aspects of the library’s transition and provide ongoing management of the library. The City anticipates hiring this position by January 2018.

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