Housing Element Certified by State

The City of Goleta’s newly adopted Housing Element was certified by the State Housing and Community Development for the first time. The State rewards certified housing elements with funding resources. The coveted State certification has many benefits such as access to State funds for future affordable housing projects, special needs housing programs, and related support facilities such as parks.

“We are grateful the State certified our Housing Element and look forward to the benefits having this certification will provide,” said Mayor Paula Perotte.  “We are excited to work with local non-profit housing providers and developers to maximize the certification status of our Housing Element. State grant funding in support of attractive affordable housing projects, parks, and bike paths will enrich our community for years to come.”

Since the adoption of the first General Plan and Housing Element in 2006, the City has attempted to be certified by the State.  The City received a letter on March 2 stating that the City’s Housing Element is in compliance with State law.