This Is Your Park—What Would You Like to See In It?

A park is coming to Old Town! The four-acre parcel of land near the corner of Hollister and Kellogg Avenues will become the City’s next active recreation area. The City Council is in the process of hiring a design consultant and anticipates initiating additional public meetings in the early spring to gather input from the community. The City Council allocated $375,000 in Park Development Impact Fees for the park’s design, engineering and environmental review. In addition, the City received a $10,000 grant from the Davenport Institute to help with the public engagement effort. They are also waiting to hear back from the State on whether an additional $910,000 will be awarded for construction of the park.

While the City is in the process of gathering input and creating a design, you will see a construction trailer, building materials and equipment on the site. The City is allowing a small portion of the site to be used by the contractor who is building the San Jose Creek Project. Be assured that no work is being done on the site in preparation for the future park.

Tell us what you’d like to see. Basketball courts, a picnic area, a walking trail or a multi-use field? Let us know your ideas.

Look for notices of public workshops on the City’s website or email your input to Claudia Dato, Management Analyst, at cdato@cityofgoleta. org or call 805.961.7554.