Project Lifesaver

Concerned about a loved one with Alzheimer’s or dementia wandering away? Did you know that the Santa Barbara Sheriff’s Office offers a program to help keep people with these conditions safe? More than half of those with these ailments will wander at one time or another and some will become lost, requiring an urgent, well-trained response. Due to their condition, those who are lost may become fearful or may not be able to respond or even assist with being located. If not found quickly, they are at risk of injury or death.

HOW IT WORKS: A family member or caregiver contacts the Sheriff’s Department to enroll. The person is fitted with a unique, lightweight, battery-operated wrist or ankle band which emits a silent radio signal 24 hours/day. The band and battery are maintained and replaced monthly by volunteers or Sheriff’s Department personnel. When a participant is missing, caregivers notify the Sheriff’s Department. A specially trained search team responds using a mobile locator to find the missing person.

COST: The initial cost is $300 for the required batteries and bands with an annual renewal of $125. Thanks to generous donations from individuals and service groups, sponsorships are also available. No one should let cost prevent them from participating.

To get further information enroll, Contact the Santa Barbara Sheriff’s Department Community Services Office at 681-4136.