Build Green Goleta

The Goleta City Council approved what is commonly known as a “Reach Code.” This is a new ordinance which sets forth increased minimum energy efficiency standards for all new construction in Goleta. The codes “reach” beyond existing standards for construction work to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and make new buildings and structures more energy efficient. They exceed the state’s current minimum requirements by 15%. Goleta now joins other neighboring communities in establishing these higher standards in an effort to do our part to enhance our environment.

The State also adopted a new Green Building Code called “CAL Green,” mandating new requirements for the planning and design, energy and water efficiency and conservation of materials for all new construction. These new requirements, coupled with the City’s Reach Code, will further the City’s long-term commitment to increasing energy efficiency and resource conservation for all new buildings submitted for review and construction after January 1, 2011, in Goleta.

To obtain more detailed information regarding the standards set forth in the City’s Reach or CAL Green Codes, please contact us at 961-7500.