New Traffic Signal Makes Fairview Avenue Safer

The City of Goleta is in the process of installing a new traffic signal at the intersection of Fairview and Berkeley Roads to make this area safer for pedestrians, motorists and cyclists. This light will especially aid in the safe crossing at Fairview Road for children going to Goleta Valley Junior High School. It has long been a goal of the City to install a traffic signal in this area, and the City recently received funding through a State and Local Partnership Grant which splits the cost of the construction between the City and the State.

Mayor Margaret Connell said, “We are very excited to be able to make this intersection a safer place with the installation of a traffic signal. This intersection involves a lot of vehicle traffic, pedestrians and bicycle traffic. With the library and several schools nearby, and as part of the Goleta north bike route, we are glad to make this a safer place to travel.” The City Council approved the construction bid in early October and work began in November. The City is pleased to make our streets safer for everyone.