City Works to Update Zoning Code

The Planning and Environmental Review department’s Advance Planning division recently began the process of updating the City of Goleta’s Zoning Code. Through this extensive process the City aims to create a zoning code that reflects the goals and character of our town, and is clear and easy to understand.

A zoning code is a collection of ordinances that guides city planning and development. Its purpose includes defining zoning districts, setting building standards, and developing efficient permitting procedures.

The City of Goleta inherited its current zoning code from Santa Barbara County. Written more than 30 years ago, this code is no longer a good match for our city, and does not reflect the goals and character put forth in our General Plan.

Over the next year our citizens will have many opportunities to express their opinions during this collaborative process. These will include educational workshops, community meetings and public hearings.  The next project milestone will be the Zoning Ordinance Project Schedule Review at the January 13 Planning Commission.

Stay tuned for more information, including workshop dates and locations.  You can sign up for the Zoning Code email list here.