Certain Vehicles Now Prohibited on the Following Streets:

The City Council passed a resolution in March that prohibits all large vehicles from parking on the 13 streets listed below:

  • Ward Drive between Hollister Avenue and the place where it ends
  • South Patterson between Hollister Avenue and a point 400 feet south of Ekwill Road
  • Overpass Road between South Patterson and Sumida Gardens Lane
  • Encina Road between Kingston Avenue to North Fairview Avenue
  • Pine Avenue between Hollister and Thornwood Drive
  • Kellogg Way
  • South Kellogg Avenue between Hollister Avenue and Technology Avenue
  • Winchester Canyon Road south of Cathedral Oaks Road
  • Cathedral Oaks Road from Paseo Del Pinon to 300 feet east of Brandon Drive
  • North Fairview Avenue between La Goleta Road and Cathedral Oaks Road
  • Ellwood Station Road between Hollister Avenue and Highway 101
  • Los Carneros Way between Calle Koral and Hollister Avenue
  • Via Jero Road north of Hollister Avenue

Oversized Parking

How Do I Report a Violation or Receive Additional Information?
Call the City’s code enforcement officer, Greg Nordyke, at 961-7556 during normal business hours for more information or to report a violation. The Sheriff’s non-emergency dispatch center can also be contacted at 692-5743 to report a violation.