The Flu is Here – Get Your Vaccine

City of Goleta Emergency Services Coordinator Michael Baris encourages you to get your flu vaccine.

Flu viruses are especially present in the winter months, and now is a good time to start thinking about getting your annual flu shot. The Santa Barbara County Public Health Department highly encourages every person aged 6 months and older to receive their vaccine, if able. A bad case of flu can result in hospitalization or even death, so people at higher risk of developing serious flu complications need to receive the vaccine in order to prevent the worst.

For everyone else, getting a flu vaccine is still a great idea. Protecting yourself from disease is always a good thing! And by preventing yourself from getting the flu, you are one less person who could potentially pass on the disease to someone who is unable to receive the vaccine and may be strongly affected. Be good to yourself and your neighbor!

To get the flu shot, check with your health care provider. You can receive your flu shot at most pharmacies, and many provide the vaccine free of charge with insurance.

Visit the Santa Barbara County Public Health Department’s Seasonal Flu webpage for more information: