Parking Tips from the City’s Sergeant Maxwell

This month, Sergeant John Maxwell, head of the City of Goleta’s Motor Traffic Unit, is sharing parking tips. Even though we may see a space large enough to fit a car or truck, it does not mean it is a legal parking space. California law puts restrictions on certain locations to enhance public safety and to provide easier access for emergency services.

The following is a brief list of parking violations commonly encountered by City of Goleta Parking Enforcement:

  • Parking within 15 feet of a Fire Hydrant:
    The California Vehicle Code prohibits parking a vehicle within fifteen (15) feet of a fire hydrant, whether or not the curb is painted red. The purpose of this law is to allow the Fire Department access to the hydrant in the event of an emergency. The only exception to this law is if a licensed driver is sitting in the front seat and is able to immediately move the vehicle if needed.
  • Blocking Wheelchair Access:
    The California Vehicle Code also prohibits parking a vehicle blocking any portion of a curb that has been cut down, lowered, or built to provide wheelchair accessibility to the sidewalk. These areas are typically located on corners, but be watchful as they can also be present wherever the need to provide wheelchair accessibility has been established. Also note that, unlike fire hydrants, there is no exception to this law, even if a driver is in the vehicle.
  • Red Curbs:
    We all know that it is unlawful to park along a red curb. The Goleta Police Department’s Traffic Unit would like to remind all motorists that this includes any portion of your vehicle that may extend into the red curb. When parking, be sure to take an extra moment to ensure your vehicle is not in a red zone in any way to avoid the cost and inconvenience of a parking citation.

The Goleta Police Department is committed to working with our community to keep our roads safe for everyone. If you observe a parking violation that you believe needs to be addressed quickly, please call (805) 683-2724 to notify a Deputy or Parking Enforcement Officer. To report an ongoing parking issue that concerns you, please click here to complete a Citizen Service Request.