Report Potholes on City Assist

The City is aware of the deterioration of the roads, especially after the recent rainstorms, and has plans to repave. We count on you, our residents, to be our eyes and ears and report road problems you discover. Please use our online tool, City Assist, to let us know of problems you encounter.

The City is dedicated to fixing the roads and expects to spend $3.6 million this year in pavement repair. This is expected  to begin after the rainy season in late April / early May.   On March 7th the City Council will vote on an item to put the overlay project out to bid.  Additionally, as part of the Hollister Class I Bike Path Project which will be constructed this summer, a section of Hollister Avenue from Pacific Oaks to Ellwood Elementary School will be paved.  Finally, the City is working on a slurry seal project that is expected to go out to bid the first week of July.