New Names, Same Faces at City Hall

Growing a city is somewhat like raising a child. A young City learns through experience much like a toddler learns to walk. While the City may stumble at times, it will get back up and make changes to be able to move forward. The City recently made some organizational changes to better serve the public.

In this transition, some of the department names have changed. What used to be known as Community Services is now called Public Works. This department oversees the City’s parks and streets as well as the Capital Improvement Program.

Redevelopment, Neighborhood Services & Public Safety is now called Neighborhood Services & Public Safety because of the State’s decision to end redevelopment. This department manages public safety, code enforcement,housing policy and administers the Community Development Block Grants. Finally, Planning & Environmental Services is now called Planning & Environmental Review. This department reviews development plans and environmental documents, issues permits and oversees energy projects.

The City also created an Economic Development Coordinator position. This move reiterates the importance of economic development in our community. The success of the City relies heavily on the success of our businesses. Jaime Valdez, has been hired to fill this role. Valdez will continue work on the Economic Development Strategic Plan and devise a formal economic development program that focuses on business attraction, expansion and retention.