Goleta Neighborhood Clinics Are Now Open

The Goleta Neighborhood Clinics (GNC) are now accepting new patients of all ages and backgrounds.  They accept Medi-Cal, Medicare, Healthy Kids, FamilyPACT, EWC/CDP, and various PPO Plans.   The clinics also offer a sliding fee discount for low income patients based upon income level.

The clinics are part of the Santa Barbara Neighborhood Clinics (SBNC) whose mission is to provide high quality, comprehensive, affordable healthcare to all people, regardless of their ability to pay, in an environment that fosters respect, compassion and dignity.

The SBNC patient population of more than 17,000 individuals is primarily made up of medically underserved community members, including low-income working individuals and families, the unemployed, and those that are homeless or uninsured.

Services include comprehensive medical care, comprehensive dental care, behavioral health, and enabling service assistance, which includes non-clinical services such as health education, interpretation, and case management. This is known as “whole person” care. A patient’s entire family can visit the dentist, a pediatrician, receive chronic care management services, behavioral health care, and garner information on preventative medical care, and healthy lifestyle practices all from within our clinics.

SBNC also maintains collaborative partnerships with other local health service providers and community-based organizations to ensure that our patients are provided with all the community services available to meet their needs.

Goleta Health Initiative

Initiated through a grant received from the Health Resources and Services Administration, targeted to offering comprehensive medical, dental and behavioral health services to those without current medical homes, SBNC began the Goleta Health Initiative project in 2013.

The new Goleta Neighborhood Clinic (GNC) located at 5580 Calle Real opened to patient care on July 13, 2015.  With seven exam rooms and an onsite behavioral health provider, GNC is now accepting new patients.  Plans are also underway to expand the site to include three additional exam rooms, an educational center and several additional counseling offices.  Low cost services include: Family Medicine, Pediatric Care, Women’s Health, Cancer Detection, Diabetes and Nutrition, Urgent Care,  Vaccinations and more.

The Goleta Neighborhood Dental Clinic at 164 Kinman celebrated its one year anniversary in the community on October 15.  The second phase of the dental clinic is now under construction for major tenant improvements to include expansion from a three-chair to a nine-chair clinic.  Services include: Dental Examination, X-rays, Cleaning, Root Canals, Pediatric Dentistry and more.

Learn more about SBNC and services by visiting www.sbclinics.com or calling for an appointment today.  Call the Goleta Medical Clinic at 805-617-7878 or the Goleta Dental Clinic at 805-617-7900.